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Get your bees ready for the winter season

AAs the fall settles in, it’s time to get your bees ready for the winter season. It is a busy season because your focus is centered around preparing the hives for the overwintering period and finishing your tasks before the first signs of winter. Follow these simple measures to ensure safety for your bees during the following months.

Make sure your queen is healthy and laying, even though she doesn’t lay as much as she used to do in the summer.

Remove any supers that don’t have any brood. Empty large hive boxes will determine the bees to waste their energy warming up the hive. Keep the number of supers equal to the size of the colony.

Offer proper ventilation. To avoid condensation during winter and keep the interior dry, provide moderate ventilation that will contribute to the air quality. The air should come in through the bottom and out through the top.

Pack your hives with enough honey to feed the colony.

Remember that once you’ve checked everything you need to do for overwintering, it’s time to let your bees take the lead and for you to cozy up.