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Honeybees are essentials for our planet. More than 75% of the world's food crops rely on pollination and without bees we will have less food on our table.

The last 20 years have seen a dramatic and unprecedented decline in bee populations - a decline caused by pests, diseases, pesticides, pollution, climate change and falling biodiversity.

We see beekeepers as the first line of defense in the mission to protect our planet’s bees.

Beekeepers are passionate persons who love honeybees, nature and the community.

While working in an apiary can be an incredibly fulfilling calling, beekeeping also involves responsibility. A beekeeper must be well informed and able to detect even the slightest sign that their bees are encountering issues.

All about your bees!

The role of this academy is to help beekeepers from around the world to overcome the current challenges of modern beekeeping.
We aim to do this by:

Apiary Book

increasing general knowledge about bees


improving awareness of the threats affecting honeybees health


promoting a set of good management practices


facilitating communication between beekeepers

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