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Beekeeping made easy

Apiary Book is the most complete solution for the management of apiaries. Available for Android, iOS devices and as a Web app.

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Over 210,000 people worldwide have already installed Apiary Book

Features* that support your beekeeping activity

Create Apiaries

Make a list of your apiaries (hearths) and set up their location

Define Hives

Hive details, bee family info, queen history, hive components, inspections

Add Queen Details

Year, color, state (cell, mated), status (installed, accepted, replaced)

Manage activities

Create ToDo lists with tasks and set up reminders for future activities

Generate QR codes

Identify your hives easily by using QR codes that you generate in the app & print

Use Voice Assistant

It works hands-free, just use your voice to take notes, create reminders etc

Update Inventory

Always be prepared with hives, accessories, tools, honey extraction, treatments etc

Access Best Practices

Based on data you record, we provide you with advice & best practices

Report incidents

You can report incidents/problems affecting bee's health and receive alerts

Reports & analysis

We provide reports and graphs to make it easier for you to analyse recorded data

Cloud storage

Your data is always safe with us, we have backup/restore capabilities

Communication tools

Join the community, share knowledge, get support or find a personal mentor

Track Harvests

Keep track of your yearly harvests, by adding quantities, products (honey, wax)

Colony movements

Log hive movements to different places for honey production or crop pollination

Beekeeping tools

There are 2 types of Sugar Syrup Calculators to help you determine optimum quantities

Financial records

Keep all beekeeping financial records in one place (expenses, income etc)

Export your data

You can export your recorded data directly from our app in .csv format

Multiple devices

Access you account from multiple devices, like from a smartphone and a desktop/laptop

*Please note that some features presented here are not available for users of iPhones, iPads, Huawei devices or in the Web App, either with the free version of the app or with a PRO Subscription. Apiary Book for Android, free and paid, contains all listed features. If you have questions, please contact us through the form below.

PRO Subcriptions
come with extra features
Access to our Mentorship Program

One of our most popular feature with PRO users is the Mentorship program. Should you need a second opinion or advice, all you have to do is ask our mentors! They are beekeepers with extensive experience, who are currently successfully managing their apiaries and making a living out of beekeeping.

Whether you don't know how to apply treatments correctly, detect early signs of varroa in your hive or catch a swarm of nearby bees, it's good to know that you can always rely on their advice. Learn from the best!

Please note that the Mentorship feature is available with Apiary Book PRO for Android only.

Cloud Storage for data
& Access from Multiple Devices

Cloud Storage is basically a fail-proof way of keeping all your beekeeping data safe. No matter what happens with your device, you can always retrieve your records from our Cloud. With a PRO Subscription you can sync you data to the Cloud and then access it from another device later on.

Many of our beekeepers love this feature so much because it makes their life easier. They use Voice Assisstant to record notes and inspections done in the field, then go home and view their recordings, change them or create new ones from their laptop or PC. It's practical and helpful to have access from multiple devices.

Please note that the Cloud Storage & Access from multiple devices features are available with Apiary Book PRO for Android and Web.

Apiary Book for Android
In a nutshell
Translated into 19 languages

Romanian, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Serbian, Russian, Czech, Portuguese, Polish, Slovak, Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Ukranian, Bosnian, Croatian

Over 260,000 installs

You will be a part of the largest online community of beekeepers with more than 25,000 monthly active users

Out of the box solution

As soon as you download it, you can start using it to record information about your beehives

Innovative features

It has innovative features: Voice Assistant, QR Codes, Data Analytics

Communicate with beekeepers

You can connect directly with the community, send messages, ask for advice, be mentored.

Personalized advice

You get personalized advice and best practices from the app, based on recorded data

Take beekeeping to the next level!
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We always strive to make Apiary Book better, by adding new features and fixing bugs. No product has ever been born into perfection, this is why we work every day on transforming Apiary Book into the best app for your beekeeping needs.

We have tailored pricing plans for every beekeeper
Core features


Per month
  • 1 apiary, with a maximum of 9 hives
  • Voice assistant (hands-free)
  • QR codes & NFC tags
  • Basic graphs/reports
  • Reminders for important tasks
  • Local data analysis and recommendations
  • Cloud backup/restore
Most popular
€80 for 1 Year


Per month
  • Multiple apiaries, unlimited hives
  • Access from multiple devices
  • Advanced reports & analysis
  • Beekeeping management practices
  • Access to the Mentorship Program
  • Community communication tools
  • Cloud Storage for all data
Extra features
€50 for 6 months


Per month
  • Multiple apiaries, unlimited hives
  • Access from multiple devices
  • Advanced reports & analysis
  • Beekeeping management practices
  • Access to the Mentorship Program
  • Community communication tools
  • Cloud Storage for all data
Apiary Book PRO Features Android Web iOS
Unlimited number of hives and apiaries ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Access from multiple devices ✔️ ✔️
Advanced reports & analysis ✔️ ✔️
Beekeeping management practices ✔️ ✔️
Access to the Mentorship Program ✔️
Community communication tools ✔️
Cloud Storage for all data ✔️ ✔️
What our users say about Apiary Book
Apiary Book is loved by
beekeepers everywhere
Apiary Book is truly a great addition to anyone's beekeeping toolkit.

My beekeeping experience improved greatly while using the App because it allowed me to focus on collecting the data and just storing it away in the App. I didn’t need to remember from one inspection to the next what I had done. As my apiary grew, I got confused easily which colony might have swarmed or gone queenless. The app really helps to keep all of that straight.

Mike Bodamer, US
There is a lot the app can do!

I spent weeks looking for an app that I felt comfortable with and tried about 20 others out. There is a lot the app can do and I need to spend more time experimenting with it to use it to its fullest potential.

Monique, New Zealand
It helps with determining the strength and health of the honeybee colonies

I started using it because I wanted to select queen bees and I think it helped with determining the strength and health of the honeybee colonies. In this area where I live, beekeepers are mostly older and are not tech savvy, but I will still try to recommend them Apiary Book. I hope that they will start using it and see how it can improve their beekeeping efforts.

Srdjan Dangubic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
I'd be more unorganized without the assistance of the app.

It was the only app I downloaded to try and found out I didn't want to try any others, after using it for a bit.We started using Apiary Book as a way to track what was going on with our different hives. I think we had just moved up to 3 hives/colonies. We wanted a way to differentiate between our hives for what we saw in inspections, and work that needed to be done.

Victoria Reilley, Northwest Indiana, USA
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