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Honeybees play a vital role as pollinators, and losing them would have a devastating ripple effect across all ecosystems.

Everyone who is passionate about protecting the bees and the environment is welcomed to join our community and contribute to make a positive impact. #SaveTheBees #MindTheBees

MindTheBees Mission

Raise awareness about bees & teach the youth

One of our goals with MindTheBees is to raise the awareness on the significance of the bees in nature. Bees are essential for our world. They are pollinating our crops, without the bees we will have less food on our table. We believe that it's very important to teach the next generations about the importantce of bees in our lives and help them understand what their role is.

Support beekeepers everywhere

In the last years there have been a large number of bee colonies losses because of diseases, pests, weather changes, agricultural chemicals and other problems. Modern beekeeping is very challenging and beekeepers need our help more than ever. Our purpose is to support them by providing useful solutions to take better informed decisions and increase their knowledge, through mentoring, best practices recommendations, communication tools etc. And for those of you who want to contribute to our efforts, you can get involved in our Apiary Adopt program.

How to take action & get involved
Teach the children about bees

It is very important to promote the interest for beekeeping activities to the youth. This is why several times per year we go to a school and talk about bees to the children. We use presentations, videos, and we also bring an empty hive (without bees) and some beekeeping tools. Our teaching moment with the children revolves around having a healthy lifestyle, what natural food is, why nature and family are important to us. If you don't feel like this is something you can do, don't worry. There are other ways in which you can contribute to the mission.

You can start by teaching your own kids about honeybees. Tell them that bees might seem like something to be avoided because they can sting, but they are an important part of our world. Help them understand that without bees, we might not have flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other plants. In fact, bees play a crucial part in our world. Learning about what honeybees do and why they are crucial to our existence could give children a new appreciation of these amazing pollinators.

Make sure that bees have enough healthy food sources

Bees are dying off at an unsustainable rate, and two of reasons why this is happening have to do with habitat loss and the use of pesticides. That’s why we’re supporting the need to create new habitats and to protect beekeepers' bees from pesticides.

Our efforts have always been focused on supporting beekeepers everywhere, but 2 of the solutions that we've developed (Apiary Report and Apiary Book's Report feature) address the need to have efficient methods of alerting beekeepers of nearby pesticide use, as when a farmer treats his crops. This way, a beekeeper can take preventive measures to reduce bees' exposure to toxic, possibly deadly, substances.

One action that you can take individually, no matter where you are on the globe, is to create safe havens for bees. Whether you have a backyard or only a windowsill, give bees a chance by planting more pollinator-friendly plants. Which ones you can actually grow, however, will depend on where you live.

Help Beekeepers, Adopt an Apiary!

Perhaps one of the easiest and best ways to support beekeepers is to get involved in Apiary Adopt. Our Apiary Adopt program is accessible to anyone who is willing and able to pay a small price. Adopting an apiary costs only 80 euros and you get to make a real difference in a beekeeper's life.

Being adopted by you means that they have access to an Apiary Book PRO Subscription. It might not seem like much, but this subscription offers them a complete solution for most of their beehive-related problems. It has everything they need to manage their hives, increase their knowledge, take correct and informed decisions, connect with a worldwide community of beekeepers and mentors, and more.

We are big believers in the power of technology and in the good it can create in the world. If beekeepers used modern technology more in their activity, their lives would be easier and their bees would be thriving. So, we encourage you to adopt an apiary and facilitate the use of our PRO Subscription for beekeepers.

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