Apiary Report

Platform for reporting problems/incidents affecting bee families health

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Apiary Report

Apiary Report is a platform for reporting problems/incidents affecting bee families health

A valuable tool connecting beekeepers with farmers and with local authorities.


- Report bee colony losses, diseases, pests
- Find out in a timely manner about problems reported by other beekeepers in the nearby area.
- Receive notifications from farmers and local authorities when a phytosanitary treatment is executed for a crop.


- Add the details of when and where they're planning to spray an insecticide that may present a risk to bees
(for instance on a flowering crop)
- Notify neighbouring beekeepers about the event.

Local authorities

- Register pesticides spraying reported by farmers
- Inform beekeepers about the place and time of the crop treatment

Privacy policy

- The details of an user (name, email, etc.) are not shared with other users
- The locations of nearby apiaries are not visible to farmers or local authorities
- The exact location of the crop treatment is not available to beekeepers


- "Small hive beetle reported within 1 km east of apiary"
- "Crop treatment tomorrow within 3 km northwest of apiary"
- "Extreme weather within 1 km south of apiary"
- "Bee colony losses within 2 km west of apiary"

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