Our story

My name is Bogdan, I am a beekeeper, I care about the bees and take care of bees!

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Bogdan Iordache

Our story

My name is Bogdan and I am a beekeeper!

I have 20 years of experience in software domain, that means I spent a lot of hours with the eyes in my computer monitor. In 2014 I decided to spend more time in nature, and with the help of a experienced beekeeper I bought an apiary, attend beekeeping lessons and start my beekeeping journey. At that time I didn't know that bees are essential for us. They are pollineting our crops, without the bees we will have less food on our table.

In the first year I found out that I need to know everything about each bee family.
Let me give you an example: your family has around 2 or 3 children. And you need to know about what they are doing all the time, if they are hungry, if they are ill. Imagine that you have 50 or 100 children. How can you handle it? It is difficult. This is the case for a beekeeper.

There are almost 5 millions of beekeepers all around the world. And they take care of a lot of beehives. In the last years they lost a lot of their colonies because of deseases, pests, weather changes, agricultural chemicals. Modern beekeeping means that you need to take actions fast based on your historical data and current conditions.

In first year I used paper and pen to write down the information about each bee family. In the second year, I decided to build an application that will allow me to record all data to my smartphone, even when I am in the apiary. Today Apiary Book is the most apreciated application for beekeepers around the world.

In autumn 2017 I decided to enhance this project. I elaborated a new strategy and our aim is to provide a complete solution for management of apiaries, beehive monitoring and data analysis.

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