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How to deal with the Asian hornet

TThe Asian giant hornet is considered to be a serious threat to the declining bee colonies within the United States, where they put their mark recently. Commonly found in Asia, these murderous hornets are most dangerous in late summer and early fall. This is the perfect time to attack, because workers are busy storing food for their young queens, getting ready for the next year. Scientists suggest that the best period to seize the invaders, is between July and October. Their yearning appetite for honey bees cannot be contained, so beekeepers need to set protective measures that will keep the threat at bay.

First and foremost, the beekeeper must contact Agricultural Officials when they spot the Asian hornet, as a prevention effort. Noticing one in time is just the first sign of a whole colony of invaders ready to attack.

Lure the hornet into a trap with fruit essence, crude sugar, vinegar or intoxicants. Place inside the beehive a compartment that will lead the hornet straight into a hole, where she will be trapped.

Become the Exterminator instead and remove their nests by burning or poisoning them. Mass destruction could be a successful mission, once the agricultural officials will set the right endeavours.

Through collective efforts and strategic measures, the good can prevail, so the honeybees can be safe against this threatening enemy. What measures are you taking to protect your honeybees ? Leave us a comment below.