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Tips for choosing the perfect beehive location

BBefore setting up your hives and welcoming your new bees in their home, take a look around you and choose the proper spot that will suit your bees the best. What are the aspects that you should take into consideration?

Choose a quiet location: we advise you to keep your bees away from areas busy with human activities, so they won’t interfere with people or houses when they fly. Also, the noise makes them irritated so it’s preferable to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Place your beehive next to a water source: bees will aim at the first source of water they find. Make sure you place their home next to it, so they won’t have to travel long distances and waste resources.

Pick a dry ground: rainy days could flood the areas on which the hives are placed, especially if they are level hives. If you cannot find a dry ground, you might consider creating one by laying a paver base.

Keep your hive away from winds: avoid placing the entrance facing north. We don’t want the harsh winds of winter to enter through the hive and threaten the bees. As a method to face this challenge, use windbreaks. Use nets and meshes as barriers that will protect the well-being of the beehive during winter.

What other factors do you consider when placing your beehive?