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How to assess if you have a strong colony

AA fresh beekeeper must know how to assess his hive’s strength. Be on the lookout for the following signs of a strong colony. The number of bees in the hive: observe the bees hanging on the tops of the frames, the brood comb covered with nurse bees. In the honey supers, you should also notice bees. The more bees you see, the stronger your colony is.

Abundance of pollen and honey: make sure to check the entrance of the hive for incoming pollen. Abundant pollen stores means a strong hive. A rich honey supply means your colony is productive and will survive the winter.

Brood pattern: large swaths of brood suggests a strong brood pattern that can become easily observed when it is capped. If the pattern indicates holes, it means that the unhealthy larvae was removed and you should check for pests or diseases that might affect the brood’s health.

Healthy larvae: do you notice pearly white larvae, sitting in their cells? That’s great because those are healthy larvae. If you observe discolored or malformed larvae, it’s a sign that your brood is affected by any kind of disease.

All of these observations can be added on a To-Do list for further investigations. Apiary Book app allows you to keep track of every action you perform, so you can manage your activities in a more organized manner. Install it now: https://bit.ly/2YBvQv4

On what other signs do you rely to evaluate how strong and healthy your bee colony is?