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What to track during your inspections

WWhen starting as a beekeeper, you should decide how you’re going to track your beehives. During every inspection, things change gradually, rather than rapidly, so beekeepers need to identify different situations at a detailed level, in their hives. What should you track during every inspection?

General information: every inspection requires you to record environmental information such as temperature, humidity, as well as date and weather conditions.

Record the weight of the hives: considering the constant fluctuations of the seasons, it’s important to track the weight for understanding the development of honey.

Diseases: Keep a record of every disease, when discovered and how was treated for every colony.

Brood pattern: check if the pattern is solid or spotty, to see if it indicates disease, poor nutrition or a failing queen and then rate it from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent).

Treatments: any treatments administered to the colony need to be recorded.

Behaviours: during inspections, record your bees’ behaviour, as it could change from mild to aggressive and you will need to do further investigations.

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