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List of Hive Inspections

1. Open the Hive’s Details
2. In the Hive Inspections box, click Inspections

Info: This list contains all hive inspections

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Add a Hive Inspection

1. In the Hive Inspections box, click Inspections
2. In the top right, click ADD
3. In Details, add Date, Description, Temper and Hive Condition
4. In Frames, add Frames, Frames with bees, Honey in body, Honey in supers and Bee bread
5. In Brood, add Brood eggs, Brood larva, Capped brood and Laying pattern
6. In Queen, add Queen cells, Queen sighted and Queenless
7. In Drones, add Drones and Drone cells
8. In Disease/Pest, add Disease, Pest and other diseases, notes
9. In Hive Strength, add Strength and Strength type
10. In Others, add Propolis and Pollen gathering
11. Add Notes and Weather
12. Click CREATE

● Date = date of report
● Description = subject, notes
● Temper = calm, aggressive
● Hive conditions = normal, dead bees, moisture, mold
● Frames = total number of frames
● Frames with bees = number of frames with bees
● Honey in body = number of frames with honey in body
● Honey in supers = number of frames with honey in supers
● Bee bread = number of frames with bee bread
● Brood eggs = number of frames with brood eggs
● Brood larva = number of frames with brood larva (uncapped brood)
● Capped brood = number of frames with capped brood
● Laying pattern = solid/uniform, moderate, poor
● Queen cells = swarm, supersedure, emergence cells
● Queen sighted = queen present in hive
● Queenless = hive without queen
● Drone cells = drone cells in hive
● Drones = drones in hive
● No of drones = normal, excessive
● Diseases = varroa, nosema
● Pest = waxmoth, mice, wasp, ants
● Bee strength = dead, critical, weak, normal, strong
● Propolis = excessive
● Pollen gathering = pollen collected by bees
● Notes = comments, observations
● Weather = temperature

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